Service, support and training

Multisensor provides full service contracts

Multisensor’s products are designed to be low maintenance, but like all precision products some care is needed to keep the product in top condition. Multisensor provides full service contracts, ensuring the instrument is working to its full performance specification. Servicing and calibration can be done on site without the need to bring instruments back to the factory. This minimizes downtime and cost.

VOC and THM Monitors

Typically our VOC and THM Monitors need to be serviced every 6 months and calibration should be done at the same time using Multisensor’s calibration kit. Multisensor’s service programme includes replacement of filter elements, calibration, update of firmware where necessary and checking of the operation of instruments components and systems. Contact us for full details.

Ammonia Monitors

The calibration period for our Ammonia Monitors varies dependant upon the source of the contaminated water, and we can advise you based upon the details of your application. Please contact us for more information.

Technical Training

The deployment and use of Multisensor’s products is made as simple as is possible, but there is, of course, a need to pass on information and expertise to our customers. This allows them to get the best out of the product, and to fine tune it for their application, on which they are the experts.

Multisensor can educate and train in the use of the instrument, the function of the software and graphical user interfaces and how to access and interpret the data presented.

Call us on +44 0161 491 5600 to discuss your needs and we will be happy to provide the best training to suit you.